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Video Game Machine Repair in the Tidewater Region

Cliff's Home Amusement Services, Inc. serves Williamsburg, VA and the Tidewater Region with repair and restoration services for classic video game machines and coin-operated games that revitalize your machines to restore the fun and functionality. We're strictly a residential service for enthusiasts and collectors of nostalgic home amusement devices. Service is not provided for machines in commercial businesses.

Monitor The Problem

If you can hear the sound, but can't see the picture when you play your video game, it's likely that the monitor is failing. Instead of struggling to fix an old monitor, let us replace it with a brand new LCD flat screen. CRT's are rapidly becoming a thing of the past because the picture tube is heavy and becoming obsolete. Production of CRTs is limited because of the chemicals used to produce them are harmful to the environment. A new monitor provides reliability and a more enjoyable gaming experience. With a monitor from Cliff's Home Amusement Services, Inc. you can expect a crystal-clear picture and you won't have to worry about image burns.
As a plus, all of our monitors carry a limited one-year warranty. We are also trained to safely handle and dispose of the old CRT monitor.

Game Conversions

If your video game is beyond repair but the cabinet is still in good shape, We can install a new game board that will play a multitude of classic games. Call us today to restore your video games and get the most out of your home entertainment equipment.