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Pinball Game Repair in the Tidewater Region

Optimize your pinball machine upgrades with LED lights and pinball machine repair service from Cliff's Home Amusement Services, Inc. in Williamsburg, Virginia. We use the highest quality products available to make your machines as good as new.

Light the Way

Restore the look and functionality of your pinball games! LEDs improve performance and enhance the display, taking pinball machines to the next level.


Pinball machine repair is an essential service for some games. Because most early Bally™ and WPC games were designed with too many lights on one circuit, connectors often overheat on the CPU/driver board and power supply boards, which can cause serious and expensive damage to your game.
LEDs run much cooler than your game's original lights, making them less damaging to plastics and back glass paints. LEDs also allow for brighter colors, which enhances the back box artwork and light inserts in the playfield. Instant on-off characteristics make your game pop!

Quality All the Way

Don't be fooled by the discount lights that are on the market. We only use the highest quality and brightest LEDs available to make sure that you receive the best results possible. Since we buy in large quantity, we pass the price savings along to you. Call Cliff's Home Amusement Services, Inc. at 757-287-7781 for LED lights and pinball machine upgrades that will give your equipment a modern look.